Pathology Specific Orthotics

Pathology Specific Orthotics are designed for generally one type of specific foot condition (ie. Flat Foot, High Arch, Ankle Pain, Bunions, Arthritis and other specific conditions. The orthotic is designed to address that condition and not other different condition.

Specialty Orthotics

Specialty Orthotics are designed for certain activities for the patient. They are made designed based on how the patient will use it on there activity. Example is aerobic acitivities. Another example is featherweight orthotic designed for functional control but a softer forgiving orthotic

Diabetic Orthotics

The Diabetic Accommodative  Orthotic  is designed for Diabetics which can develop deformities and decrease sensation on the foot. They are generally made with a triple layer topcover with a soft topcover density underling with medium density and then a firm density to reduce pressures and reduce potential wounds.

Custom Dress Orthotics

These orthotics are designed too fit in dress shoes. There are 3 types. The Cobra Othotic is designed to be low profile and used for  womans heeled  shoes. The Graphite  Orthotic is designed to have a narrow profile with functional control. It has increase contact with the area of the foot.  The Holethotic  is designed to control midtarsal joint and help with plantar fasciitis.  It is designed for low to moderate  heel dress shoes.

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

There are different types Ankle Foot Orthotis (AFO)  are designed to help to re-align or support the ankle and foot. They can  help with multiple deformities including Foot Drop, Foot and Ankle Deformity, Muscular Dystrophy , Stroke, Nerve Damage, and Cerebral Palsy.

Slim Flex Orthotics

The Slimflex is ideal for patients who require functional control and desire a low-bulk orthotic made of polypropylene. Features slim low profile design for shoes with restricted rooAvailable in Flexible, Semi-rigid and Rigid options. Rearfoot contact point maximum thickness: 1 mm. Default top cover durable vinyl to mets. All other top covers and extensions available to suit patient’unique needs. Guaranteed against orthotic breakage for the useful lifetime of the orthotic.